As learning professionals in the VUCA world we value:

1. Being a VUCA role model (an agile guide, facilitator, conductor – supporting individuals and organizations to connect values and goals)
2. Reflection as an ongoing activity
3. Embracing both the unknown and the uncertain
4. The idea of multiple realities – THE reality doesn’t exist
5. Transparency by sharing our knowledge and experience and supporting others to do so

Principles for learning professionals supporting employees and organizations

In our approach, we:
1. Focus to maximize the use and benefits of diversity: (talent, visions, culture, knowledge, skills, drives)
2. Focus both on general competencies for sustainable development related to future jobs and on support for optimal performance in current jobs
3. Support the development of critical, moral judgement capabilities and learning to learn
4. Believe that only the learner can learn but the learner can’t learn alone
5. Have the courage to experiment
6. Believe that the learner is the owner and initiator of her/his own learning
7. Stay connected to and engaged with changes in the context of the organization
8. Support Organizations to formalize/clarify (in a contract) that learning is a person’s own responsibility and support these organizations to facilitate their employees to do so
9. Create a context for learning
10. Find ways in handling opposites and uncertainty

Background information

On April 18 of 2017 thirty learning and development professionals gathered to create the VUCA Learning Manifesto. The idea and session was initiated and facilitated by Ger Driesen and was part of a learning and development conference called ‘Next Learning’ in the city of Den Bosch in the Netherlands.

The mission of the group was to explore and share ideas about the role of learning and development professionals in the VUCA world. They used the following framework for their discussion and desired results:

- We accept that our world today can be characterized as a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world
- We, as learning and development professionals, want to support other professionals and organizations to be at their best in the VUCA world
- W
e want to explore, clarify, record and share the most important values and principles to guide our behavior
To do so we apply self-reflection, share our knowledge, experiences and ideas and build on those of others
We will record and share them via so other learning and development professionals as well as other stakeholders can share their thoughts and reactions on the manifesto


  • Annemiek Osinga
  • Marlies Overdijk
  • Ruben Sluiter
  • Gerrit Streekstra
  • Zef Suilen
  • Joris Verheijen
  • Margreet Visser
  • Maaike Vogel
  • Deborah van Voorst
  • Luke Zacharias


The following organizations endorse the values and principles as presented in the VUCA Learning Manifesto:

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